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How to Support Your Local Animal Shelter During Kitten Season

Kitten season is a time of the year when animal shelters see a significant increase in the number of kittens being brought in. It typically starts in the spring and can last until early fall, and during this period, animal shelters are often overwhelmed with a surge of adorable, but needy, kittens. While it's wonderful to see all the tiny, furry faces, it also means that shelters are in dire need of support. If you want to help out during kitten season, here are some ways to make a meaningful difference. 1. Adopt or Foster Kittens One of the most impactful ways to help during kitten season is to adopt a kitten from your local shelter. This provides a forever home for a kitten in need and frees up valuable space for other animals. If you're not ready for a long-term commitment, consider fostering. Fostering allows you to care for kittens temporarily, giving them a safe place to grow until they are ready for adoption. Foster families are essential during kitten season, providing